TCIII-1600STIC NAND Flash Test System

16 to 64 Devices Can be Tested in Parallel and At Speed

The TCIII-1600STIC NAND Flash test system comes with 16 to 64 devices. 16 to 64 devices can be tested in parallel to provide faster production. Error logging on Block/Page/Column mode and DQ's is also available. An optional handler interface allows the tester to communicate to a handler that perform ICs sorting and binning after testing.

Customizable Options

  • 2D NAND Flash speeds up to 200Mbps
  • 3D NAND Flash speeds up to 533Mbps
  • Operating clock frequency up to 266MHz
  • Configurable for testing 16 to 64 devices in parallel and at speed
  • Supports IC components, custom load boards and test sockets

Script Code Function (optional)

Script Code Debugger

Traditional test systems provide the user with a variety of AC test patterns to use in their testing process. If a customer wanted the capability to generate a proprietary test pattern, they would have to purchase a high-end automated test system. For most companies this is cost prohibitive and not a viable option.

TurboCATS introduces the new feature called Script Code in its new test system, the TCIII-1600STIC. The customer can now use the script programming language to create a customized test pattern. Once the pattern is created, the Script Code pattern generator/compiler is used to compile the code, then generate the new test pattern.

The Script Code function also contains a built-in compiler and debugger for the Script Code programming, which allows the customer to monitor the timing waveform of the programming algorithm as well as the timing bus transactions. This is all accomplished under the Signal Tap tool.

The new pattern is then imported into the test list and gives the customer a customized pattern with AC (tSU, tWD, tSAC, tRCD, tCL, tAL, tWR, tRP, tRC, tREF, tRFC, etc.) and DC (Vdd, Vref) parameters for testing their product. Additionally, the customer can also create a motherboard test pattern algorithm using the Script Code function. The TCIII-1600STIC performs the test with no-wait states in the operating system.

Utilizing the Script Code function gives the customer a high degree of flexibility in terms of timing bus programming for creating unique Read and Write programming transactions under best and worst case AC parameters scenarios. This can also be used to create a no-wait state bus transaction in the Read to Write cycle.

Combination of Failures

Powerful Integration Tool

  • Functional Failure: Cell stuck-at, coupling, neighborhood sensitivity and software error faults
  • Parametric Failure: (AC) Speed timing vs. Vdd threshold, (DC) Leakage and Idd's
  • Hot-Temperature Failure: System high temperature environment

Heat Chamber (optional)

Fully Configurable and High-efficiency Heat Chamber

  • Seven-segment Temperature Display
  • Temperature Setting Option
  • Temperature Range (85°C - Room Temperature)
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • Automatic level-control, manual operation not required



  • 2D NANDFlash speeds up to 200Mbps
  • 3D NANDFlash speeds up to 533Mbps
  • Operating clock frequency up to 266MHz
  • Configurable for testing 16 to 64 IC's in parallel and at speed
  • IC components, custom test sockets and load boards
  • Supports DC shorts and Leakage testing
  • Provides DC/ICC/AC parametric tests
  • Read ID function
    Built-in ICC pattern including:
    - Sequential read operating, erase operating and stand-by current (TTL) etc.
    Over 20 industry AC patterns:
    - AC Timing Mode for Async, Sync, Toggle, respectivity
    - Supports Block/Page/Column mode
    - Read and Mark Bad Block
    - Supports cache read, sequential read and copy back

DC Function - Power short and Leakage test


  • Supports integrate the use with Signal Tap software
  • Supports built in "industrial standard" and "standard MB program," AC patterns
  • Optional User Defined Script Code test pattern programming
  • Optional Manual or Automtated Handler Testing
  • Optional heat chamber for hot environmental testing from 32°C to 85°C

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later and networking interface

AC Power Supply

  • 110 -240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Software Screenshots

Main Operating Window

Test Device

Test Plan

Shmoo Plot

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