Enhanced Bus Speed & High Bandwidth Switching

DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR3L

"Low Cost" and "High Performance" are two phrases you typically do not see associated with memory test systems.

This all changes with TurboCATS product- the TCE-1600/1333. With the "Single DUT" and at speeds up to 1600Mbps, the memory test system is equipped with industry-standard features essential for memory productivity.

TurboCATS has revolutionizaed the memory test systems industry with the introduction of the brand new TCE-1600/1333. Features such as "Enhanced Bus Speed Testing" and high bandwidth data switching support are standard on the new TCE-1600/1333, but that is just the beginning. Open/Shorts plus 10 comprehensive AC test patterns give retailers, resellers, integrators, and manufacturers enough testing power to ensure that the products they sell meet the standards of the PC industry. TCE-1600/1333 is the answer to cost effective, high performing DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR3L testing for all levels. Repair shops, system integrators, resellers, VARS/VADS, production floors, etc. now have an ideal choice that makes sense when it comes to testing high speed memory modules.


How to choose the right tester for your business?


  • DDR3 - 800Mbps, 1066Mbps, 1200Mbps, 1333Mbps, 1600Mbps
    [ 240P LODIMM, 240P DIMM LRDIMM, 204P SODIMM, 204P ECC SODIMM, 244P MiniDIMM ]

  • DDR2 - 400Mbps, 533Mbps, 667Mbps, 800Mbps
    [ 240P LODIMM, 144P/200P SODIMM, 244P MiniDIMM ]

  • DDR1 - 200Mbps, 266Mbps, 333Mbps, 400Mbps
    [ 184P LODIMM, 100P/200P x32 LODIMM ]


DDR3 tests clock speeds up to 800Mhz
DDR3 tests cover PC6400, PC8500, PC10600 and PC12800
DDR2 tests clock speeds up to 400Mhz
DDR2 tests cover PC3200, PC4200, PC5300 and PC6400
DDR1 tests clock speeds up to 200Mhz
DDR1 tests cover PC1600, PC2100, PC2700 & PC3200
Supports DDR3L (Low voltage DDR3)
Enhanced bus cycles at speed testing
Supports high bandwidth data switching
Real time Icc monitoring
SPD program/test/read, byte matching, write protection, slot test and serialization
Open/Shorts plus 10 comprehensive AC patterns
Unbuffered and Registered DIMM's
Optional Form-factor adapters
Networking interface connecting up to 8 units

NEW ! Affordable and stylish TCE-1600/1333 and heat chamber

TCE-1600/1333 & heat chamber

Speeds continue to increase in the ever changing memory market. Along with the demand for faster speeds, customers also want this speed in smaller packages.

With both of these demands, memory manufacturers are faced with another obstacle: heat. As speeds continue to build momentum, heat gets built up and therefore obstruct the smaller packaged machine in performing as well.

To enhance the reliability of the modules, the user may test their modules with the new TCE-2133 DDR4/DDR3 test system and the additional heat chamber. The heat chamber creates a hot testing environment to simulate an accelerated life testing for the user to analyze the behaviour of the modules after extended usages.


Heat Chamber Specifications:

Power Supply (Main Power) : 220V, 50Hz (90 - 110% of rated voltage)
Power Consumption (Main Power) : Power-up: 3A, 220V
Normal operation: 1.3A, 220V
Display Method : Red 7 Segment LED Display
Storage Temperature : -20 - 60°C
Ambient Humidity : 35 - 85% RH
Temperature Range : 25 - 85°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 12.8" (325mm) x 11.8" (300mm) x 19.9" (505mm)

To assist manufacturers, and integrators, TurboCATS has developed a heat chamber that can be integrated with the TCE-1600/1333 DDR3/DDR2/DDR1 tester. This allows the module and its components to be tested while being exposed to heat conditions similar to what might be encountered in a PC laptop.


Control up to 8 TCEX-1600/1333 with a single PC

Network-ready & Easy management


  • Affordable high-performance
  • Improved productivity and portable
  • Graphical user interface software
  • Easy expandability
  • Easy network configuration
  • Optional handler interface


DDR3 clock frequencies (Mhz): 400, 533, 600, 667 & 800
DDR3 data rate (Mbps): 800, 1066, 1200, 1333 & 1600
DDR2 clock frequencies (Mhz): 200, 266, 333 & 400
DDR2 data rate (Mbps): 400, 533, 667 & 800
DDR1 clock frequencies (Mhz): 100, 133, 166 & 200
DDR1 data rate (Mbps): 200, 266, 333 & 400
DDR3L Vdd - 1.25V to 1.45V
DDR3 Vdd - 1.35V to 1.65V
DDR2 Vdd - 1.65V to 2.0V
DDR1 Vdd - 2.1V to 2.8V
Data width: 72 bits in parallel
Address depth: 16(Row), 15(Column), 3(BS's)
Programmable timing cycles of: tRCD, tAL, tCL, tWL, tRL, tWR, tRRP, tRP, tRFC
Burst Length: 4 and 8
ODT Selection support
OCD Adjustment: Auto calibration
Icc tests: Burst Refresh
PC requirement: Windows 7 or better
Dimensions (WxDxH): 11.6" (295mm) x 8.5" (215mm) x 5.1" (130mm)
Weight: 13 lbs (5.9 kg)

Software Screenshots

  • Quick Test (default by factory)

  • Test Device Configuration


  • SPD Data

  • Security Privilege